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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Winnipeg

Natural Health Care for a Happier Pregnancy

When you’re preparing for a little one, you have a lot on your mind. Health issues shouldn’t add more stress to your schedule. At Marion Chiropractic Centre, we care for pregnant women all the way from the first day they find out the news to the same day they deliver the baby. We can get you moving and feeling better so you stay light on your feet even as you grow.

pregnant person holding their tummy

Benefits to Prenatal Care

Chiropractic care can increase your comfort by keeping the sacroiliac joints mobile, helping the pelvis move properly. This reduces pain throughout the pelvis and back, which have been stretching out and bearing the weight of your belly.

Women who come see us feel more comfortable in their constantly changing bodies and enjoy improved functioning as they can move and hold themselves better.

Gentle Techniques to Keep You Comfortable

We’re extremely cautious when we work with expecting women. Our chiropractors have adjusted their wives throughout their pregnancies or been adjusted themselves during their own pregnancy. In our decades of experience in prenatal care, we have never had an issue with a patient.

Each of the tables in our office is equipped with a pregnancy drop to allow women to lie face down. That alone is a burst of comfort for many women, who haven’t been turned face down in months.

Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby

Prenatal chiropractic focuses on improving the day-to-day functioning of the expecting mother. Your body knows how to care for the baby all by itself. The best way we can support the baby is by supporting your body as it does its job.

With all the attention on the new life inside you, we want to make sure you’re cared for as well and experiencing as little pain as possible.

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