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About Marion Chiropractic Centre

person holding out arms on beach smilingBringing You Help and Hope

When we designed and opened Marion Chiropractic Centre in 2015, our vision was to provide patients with an amazing experience, while providing them the necessary care to achieve their healthcare goals. We continue to build on that vision on a daily basis.

Patients come to us from all walks of life. Whether you are a construction worker or seated at a desk, we understand the stresses that are placed on your bodies. If you are frustrated and feel that you are not getting the help you need, don’t give up hope. We are here to help.


Our History

We’re a team of five chiropractors, each with decades of experience. We came together to develop a vision for a clinic that offered exceptional care with emphasis on the individual patient. We pooled our resources to develop a beautiful clinic and we’ve been restoring patients’ lives ever since.

chiropractor adjusting lower back

Caring for Your Needs, No Matter What

We are a group of inspired practitioners, bringing our passion for health and healing to your care. We customize your care based on your needs and health goals.

One Success Story After Another

Early in Dr. DeJong’s experience, one young mother approached but was too afraid to step inside. When she ran out of options for her baby’s colic, she finally gave chiropractic a chance. After just one adjustment, her baby slept in the car on the way home for the first time ever.

We can’t count the dramatic improvements we’ve seen. When we started coaching patients on the essentials of nutrition, exercise, mental health, and toxicity, we placed a prescription depository in the office. We were amazed by how many people dropped off medications they no longer needed. The chiropractic lifestyle produced consistent life change.

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