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Pediatric Chiropractic
in Winnipeg

All parents long to see their kids express their full potential, so health setbacks are heartbreaking. At Marion Chiropractic Centre, we can help babies and children heal from injuries or discomfort.

chiropractor adjusting baby

Gentle Infant Care for a Healthy Start

The birth process can be traumatic and cause misalignments. If these issues aren’t addressed early, they can build up and impact the rest of a person’s life. We’ll help them maintain a healthy spine before health problems show up to prevent dysfunction. The earlier we can correct the spine, the healthier your kids will be for life.

Our infant adjustments are incredibly gentle. We provide chiropractic care with the light brush of our fingertips or the Activator Method® on a low setting. Sometimes we’ll even put a finger between the instrument and the newborn’s spine to guarantee a perfectly soft touch.

If you have any concerns, we’d be happy to show you how we adjust babies so you can see how non-invasive our approach is. We value your baby’s wellness as much as you do.

Support Your Child’s Growing Spine

Children race through life as if they want to be injured. Toddlers fall over, children tumble off bikes, and older kids experience sports injuries. All these accidents will pile up and result in long-term damage if the body isn’t restored to its proper position.

We don’t want office visits to feel scary. We’ll sometimes have the mom lie on her back with her toddler on top of her to provide reassurance. Bigger children might hold a parent’s hand or bring in a favorite stuffed animal. After decades of working with kids, talking to children on their level is second nature for us now.

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The nerves control the entire body—which means they control your child’s future, too. When we remove interference to healthy nerve function, the sky’s the limit for what your child can do. Schedule your kids’ first appointment today.

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